The process of completing your google places profile

The same applies to the local business seo packages companies public phone number. Quite similar. Remember it. The more information you provide online about your business, the better views you get in the search results. Google pulls information across local directories, websites, social profiles, etc. The more consistent your information is entered, the easier it is for google to link your business information. Inconsistencies in your details are not appropriate for google when they need to deliver good results to their users. Start by ensuring that your nap information is properly in your sites contact page etc. Footer. Then check the exact same information is displayed on your google places listing. Then you can continue to check your details on the other listings, for example. Deal sites, booking sites, review pages, etc. The more consistent your nap information is provided, the better results you get from google.6 2.2.2 write a unique full business description make a unique description of your business. The description must fill the 200 characters, so be sure to use all 200 characters. Use your main keywords and make one or two links to your website. Remember that your texts must be unique.

Not something to seo services packages copy your texts from your about us page on your website. Be creative write unique and inspiring texts. 2.2.3 upload your best photos you have the ability to link up to 10 photos to your google places profile so you keep course to upload all 10 pictures. Select your seo packages prices best shots. Ex. Your logo, product images, pictures bigger employees, mood pictures etc. Experiment and get creative. You can regularly see your results on google.

Tagging your photos assigns you important information

Following requirements apply you can read more here guidelines for google places an overlooked detail is the possibility of geotag your photos. By tagging your photos assigns you important information about your images. You tell hence google where your photos were taken your company address and assign also an image description and important keywords. You may geo tag images using 2.2.4 fill in relevant categories be sure to select the category that best describes your business. Is your company a travel agent, so choose travel agency and travel. You will soon discover that many categories do not make sense in relation for your particular business. But there ll be at least1 or2 categories, which are relevant. Select as many categories as possible, where it makes sense.

Categories used for example. At local searches, for example, insurance company in aarhus. Here, dolls multiple links into googles local search result. 2.3 summary optimize and take advantage of your google places listingyour business listing on google1 create your business on google places start by creating your business on google places. Get your business on google places google uses your seo packages prices business information in different results in google searches desktop and mobile and on google maps. Your company google places listing may also be associated with that ad extension in your adwords advertising.2 fill out your profile 100% 110%nap information name, address and phone numbercategoriesopening hoursbusiness descriptionconfirm your business google verification remember to do it properly. Your thoroughness rewarded with better results at google.3 check the results on google... And enjoy so that you are likely already well ahead of your competitors in the battle for the good results in google search results.

Google set up for this profile automatically in seo packages prices

Once youve mastered your google places listing, then it is your next google profile namely your google local page. The profile already exists. Google set up for this profile automatically when creating your google places listing. You can as well take control of this profile also and thus exploit the potential to optimize your google local page. Connect existing google local google page google has just made it possible to add a google local page with a google page. We have written on the news and gives you a guide to the combination of the profiles here. Share your comments and tips for google places comment above or you can share an important tip, we are happy for a comment below.3 optimize and utilize your google local page 3.1 what is google local? When you create your business profile on google places, google see this will automatically create a page for your business google local.